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Acting classes in Ottawa let actors develop their talent and build their abilities.

Practice, Practice, Practice

How Acting Classes in Ottawa Improve Talent

There’s so much more to acting than just reading and memorizing lines before reciting them in front of others. Acting is an art form, and like any artist, actors need practice to develop their skills and their talent. Acting classes present thespians-in-training with an amazing opportunity to develop their skills and become a professional actor. Through various lessons and hands-on exercises, actors become more comfortable with their abilities. Acting classes in Ottawa let our city’s actors develop their talents in a supportive and exciting environment.

Acting classes use physical, cognitive, behavioural, and emotional exercises to develop specific acting skills. During beginner classes, you might find the exercises awkward and uncomfortable, at least initially. With practice and time, though, you’ll likely end up embracing these exercises as you become more comfortable in your abilities.

Physical Exercises

Physical exercises let actors develop complete control over their voice and body, including gestures and facial expressions. Classes often start with physical activities and breathing exercises. For example, as an actor, controlling your breathing helps you control your speaking voice, projection, and movement on stage. Breathing exercises help you make the most of your lungs. Afterwards, actors typically stretch to loosen up muscles and remove any tension in the body. A relaxed mind and body helps actors engage with others better, especially while moving around on stage.

Focus and Attention

Acting exercises and theatre games help develop refined acting skills. For example, the game “zip zap zop” teaches actors to live in the moment by shouting nonsense words and making strange gestures. Improvisation exercises further develop these skills (such as being in the moment) with focused attention, keeping eye contact, and feeding off the cues of others while developing characters on the spot.

Professional Development

As you continue with acting classes, you will develop more advanced acting skills. These classes will focus on acting in scenes, monologues, and may even work towards a performance at the end of the class session. For those who are ready to audition for acting gigs, there are also classes to help prepare for auditions, including how to carry yourself, present your headshot, and be prepared for cold readings.

Whatever your acting skill level is, Ottawa acting classes can help you practice and develop your craft for a professional acting career.

Want to learn how to become a model? Here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

Learn How to Become a Model

Tips to Help You Get Started in The Modelling Industry

Have you always dreamt of becoming a model? If you’ve got what it takes, the next step is making your dream a reality. Learning how to become a model can be a challenge, but working with a modelling agency makes it easier. Professional agents can help you get land modelling jobs and start your career.

That said, you’ve got to do your homework. Showing up ready to work and understanding the basics of modelling will go a long way when you meet with an agency. Here are a few things you can do to get started and become a model:

Take Simple Photos

Before you meet with a modelling agency, take several basic photos of yourself to share with agents and scouts. Don’t worry if they’re not professional head shots. These photos should give agents a glimpse of who you are. Get a friend to take a few photos, and keep these tips in mind:

  • Wear minimal makeup—you want to highlight your natural features and talent;
  • Keep your hairstyle simple and groomed—avoid anything too complex;
  • Wear simple form-fitting clothes that are in good taste—i.e. jeans, leggings, t-shirts, and tank tops;
  • You should only include a swimsuit photo if you’re comfortable wearing one;
  • Stick to simple poses and avoid props—you should be the focus, so avoid group photos, too;
  • Take one headshot smiling and one with a neutral expression, and include left and right facial and body profiles;
  • Men should include a photo wearing swim trunks, boxer shorts, or jeans without a shirt to show their fitness level; and
  • Always submit clear, in-focus photos.

Meet with a Professional Agent

To get an idea of your modelling potential, schedule a meeting with a professional modelling agent. They can give you an evaluation and let you know which modelling markets are ideal for your look. This evaluation is necessary so you don’t end up wasting your time and money. Professional agents and scouts will give you their professional opinions about the modelling industry and where you might fit in.

Meet a Variety of Agents

Since plenty of modelling agencies tend to specialize in one type of modelling (high fashion, commercial, plus size, petite, or child models) don’t get discouraged if they won’t represent you. Make a point to meet different agents regularly and send your photos out to various agencies. You can attend open calls at agencies and send photos to those who are far from you. The more exposure you get, the more likely an agent will discover and represent you.

Know Your Market

The fashion market can refer to both location and the sort of modelling work you’ll do. You might do well in a North American market or an Asian market, or commercial or high fashion. A professional agent will advise you on which markets suit your look and help you develop contacts and discover new opportunities.

Keep Trying

It may take a while to be signed to an agency, but don’t give up. If you do have modelling potential, it is worth it to be persistent and get exposure to as many agents as possible. Even some of the top supermodels faced many rejections before agencies signed them on. So keep trying, be persistent, and remember that fashion trends change. The looks that are in today may change tomorrow, so always keep sending your photos out.

For more information and advice on how to become a model, meet with a local modelling agency to get started!