Become an Influencer with Models International!

Our industry experts are constantly seeking out new talent!

Models International is an agency at the forefront of social media representation on both local and international stages. We take influencer marketing to a whole new level.

We work with top influencers who help make brand messages heard and shared throughout the vast depths of social media networks. Brands that pair themselves with effective influencers reap the true benefits of social media. Models International helps brands and influencers find the perfect match!

“Models international is a well-known agency in the modeling industry and is now helping social media influencers up their game.”

Benefits to Brands

  • Be on the cutting edge of social marketing
  • Display your brand where traditional marketing cannot reach
  • Build consumer trust and loyalty in completely new ways
  • Engage with customers and encourage communication

Benefits to Influencers

  • Build your image and personal brand equity
  • Become an icon in your space with new fans and brand attention
  • Increase your own follower base and reap the rewards
  • Learn how to increase you own income potential and grow professionally

Categories We Specialize In

  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle

Social Media Influencer Marketing Our 3 Step Process


Audience-centric media & content creation


Utilizing the follower base of the influencer(s)


Engage and nurture the market

Why Work with Models International

Established in 1970, Models International is a respected, well-known modeling agency with some of the most top-tier talent in the industry.
Our models are constantly offered real placements by national and international clients around the world.

As a leader in modeling trends, and effectively setting the standard for current and new industries, Models International will set you apart and provide a new world of opportunity.